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Top 10 Food Truck Ideas That Can Get More Customers

Food truck business is here to stay. Many people thought the ice-cream truck that always comes in the backyard would one day be no more. To the shock of many, more food trucks are emerging on the streets. It is hard to miss one when you are out.

What makes a food truck, or food trailer unique? Yes, the kind of concept it has. Also, the idea of the business is the driving force behind the daily running of every food truck. That is because it determines the following factors:

5 Importance of food truck themes

  • Bring customers to the vehicle.

  • Increase sales.

  • Make the truck stand out.

  • Give ideas on how to design the truck.

  • Helps in setting the prices in the menu

Just as the way of getting the right food truck is paramount, Truck business owners must be careful when choosing the concept of the business. It must be good in their eyes and also in the customers. What makes a good theme idea?

A good theme idea should be:


What makes customers come to your cart, truck, or trailer if you were to stand with four others? That is the question food truck business owners should ask themselves. The theme you choose should stand out from the others if you want customers to dine at your truck.

Choose what suits your area

One function of a food truck is to feed the people of the specific area that it will operate. With that in mind, look for what the locals want, is it tacos, burgers, or they are into organic food. Filling the gap of providing what people want is what is going to increase sales.

Should not overprice the menu

The price you set for on the dishes you serve depends on what you choose to cook. Theme idea with expensive ingredients will make the prices go up. Likewise, go with the idea that will be lenient on your budget at the same time please the customers.


Every food truck business aims to make a profit. For you to succeed, it must give you enough return on an investment after paying the workers and other bills. The benefit will motivate you and keep you running the business. Similarly, choose a theme that will reduce production cost to increase the profit margin.

On the trend and identifiable

Trending makes people aware of something. It is an easy way of marketing without spending much. So, look for a theme that is trending in the specific area that you will be selling. Moreover, you should also have dishes that customers can quickly identify without having a second thought about what you are selling.

Top 10 Food Truck Ideas

With so many appealing themes to choose from, it is tricky and confusing to come up with the right concept. Additionally, many truck owners fear to select the right one while others are wanting in a hurry and end up with the wrong idea. With the above guide, you can choose the right theme from the below ten theme ideas:

1. Ice-cream truck

How about you go the traditional way? Ice cream truck has been around since ages. People always look down the street for a car full of ice cream to cool themselves. It is a terrific idea that is already in existence and needs no effort to introduce.

What you should have in mind is that since the idea is old, many trucks are in the business. Being unique will do the trick. Have ice creams of different flavours and different sizes and prices. Even more, you can also offer other frozen drinks for customers to have a variety.

2. Burgers and sandwiches

It is another idea that has been there and trends quickly. A hamburger is a snack that is people’s favourite. That is because it is a portable, balanced diet, and easy to munch. A bite at a time and a customer is full. Hence, the truck idea can be tricky if you don’t twist it.

Many trucks are offering the same on the streets. Strive to be different for you to excel with it. You can use whole grain bun for the burgers and sandwiches and use ingredients for them. You can have beef, bacon or add a lot of lettuce and tomatoes. Have a unique sauce to have a different touch.

3. Tacos and burritos

There is nothing delicious like well-wrapped tacos or burrito. A traditional theme that sells using carts has grown to the use of trucks and trailers. What makes them quite unique is that they are easy to make. You can wrap anything in it and pull the dish entirely.

Look for ingredients that are readily available and are unique. Wrap them flawlessly and price it well and you are good to go. For the fact that tacos and burritos are delicious, you will have the customer’s queuing to have some for lunch and on their way home from work.

4. Barbeque/ mobile grill

Every weekend, people have a barbeque in their backyard. How about you have a mobile one for them to enjoy grilled steaks and sausages? The smoky smell is all they need to come to your truck for the tasty ribs you are selling.

Beef is a low-cost food. You can easily pull the theme since the food is highly appealing, and people already love it. Offer different grilled types of meat and marinate well to have a unique taste and texture. It is a beautiful theme to pull with a good griller and location.

5. Regional cuisine

Going international can be what your location needs. Being able to make food of specific common communities can be an added advantage to you since not many food trucks are venturing into it. You can choose Asian, African, or go for food that is traditional for a particular community.’

A good example is a sushi. Not many trucks will think of having fish as a meal. So, you offering the unique dish will see people coming to your vehicle to experience the unique feeling. Learn more about the dishes before you go ahead and choose any regional theme.

6. Healthy concept

You can never go amiss with a meal that offers people a healthy option. Many trucks, carts, and trailers are offering food full of fats and calories. Having an excellent cautious concept will draw people to your vehicle to dine. Just make sure that you are offering is indeed healthy.

With so much food awareness, people are dining differently. You can have steamed dishes, ketone diet, and vegetarian or gluten-free dishes. People who are specific about what they are consuming will be looking for your truck to have a meal.

7. Organic theme

One thing that will bring customers to your truck is the sense of knowing where you get your ingredients. Getting inspiration from the local farmers is an excellent way of offering dishes made with ingredients straight from the local market or farmer.

The fantastic side of the theme is that you can make a more significant profit if you talk to the local farmer for a discounted price on a large purchase. Furthermore, you will also be in constant communication with the supplier so they can inform you more about the prices and availability of the ingredients.

8. Gourmet /fancy foods

It is rare to find a food truck offering a dish with unique ingredients, or that requires many details. Thus, it is a new and innovative way of starting your food truck business. Having dishes like pies and pancakes with special unique ingredients will keep curious customers.

You can decide to serve a five-star dish at the truck with a starter, main course, and a dessert. Moreover, have a buffet setting for customers to sample and have your meals at an affordable price is unique, and a concept that will have high sales.

9. A baking truck

The fresh, unique idea will have you baking dishes for customers. There is a lot to bake, and all you need is have different menu items that will keep customers coming. Baking is good since you can combine the concept with all kind of drinks to accompany the cupcakes and cookies.

10. Waffle trucks

Waffles are a great idea if you intend to serve the whole day. The concept can be functional when serving breakfast, lunch, or as a snack during the day. It can be waffles with chicken, blueberries, butter, or with lemon cream cheese feeling. The unique theme is simple and can fetch you a good profit.

Final thoughts!

A theme for your truck business is as good as the right food truck. It is what drives customers to your vehicle. To do that, you need to look for the best theme depending on your location, customers, the profit you intend to make, and the availability of the ingredients. The above top 10 theme ideas will guide you into finding the right theme to start your food truck business, talk to the food trailer or food truck manufacturer, they may be of help.


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