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Food cart trailer BCF-8

Food cart trailer BCF-8







  • Standard Configuration

    1. 5cm A+ fire-proof insulation fillings
    2. Internal wall-Customize paint colour
    3. Chassis Riveted chassis, hot-dipped galvanized 50*90*3.75mm
    4. Advanced Double axles
    5. Heavy-duty tyers*4(E mark Certificate)
    6. Electric Braking+hand brake
    7. Standard Taillights
    8. Direction Indicators
    9. Ceiling strip light
    10.Retro Reflector
    11.Stop, side and marker lamps
    12.Registration plate lamp
    13.Tow bar
    14.Standard coupling
    15.Electricity fittings
    16.Standard Power connector
    17. Stainless steel fold-down shelves under service window
    18.Anti-skip aluminium floor
    19.Floor drain
    20.Clean water tank and grey water tank with accessories
    21.304 stainless steel workbench
    22.304 stainless steel cabinets with doors
    23.Double 304 water sink with accessories
    24.Water pump
    25.Standard water inlet and outlets connection
    26.Triangle jacks*4    Strong jacks
    27. Free Customized colour
    28. LED service window curtain lights(warm/cold lights)

    29. Cash drawer

  • Optional Configuration

    1. Stainless steel commercial range hood;
    2. Commercial Freezer, (Air Cooling, 304stainless 1360mm/1800mm/2250mm)
    3. Commercial Refrigerator, Air Cooling,      304stainless,1360mm/1800mm/2250mm
    4. Commercial freezer, (Direct cooling, 201 stainless  1200/1500/1800mm)
    5. Commercial Refrigerator, Direct cooling, 201 stainless,1200/1500/1800mm
    6. Other equipment    As demands

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